Supporting those moving through the journey of loss

Settling steps counselling is a platform to support the world with the process of loss.

To find ways to change the way we see death and the contracts we create around it for others and ourselves....

In the darkest parts of ourselves we start to discover a way to move through things that seem unimaginable....

How do you deal with the loss of a life? 

Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life. -ANNE ROUPHE

My Approach 

I practice Transpersonal Counselling Psychology, Bowen Family Systems, and Person Centered therapy

Looking from a family systems perspective we are always connected and in relationship of some form with our family of origin, we also look at the history in your family, the stories, the loss and the gifts, we see how all that can come into having impact on your own life. 

Many times I have heard why go back to the past? I want to deal with what's in front of me right now, the truth is your past has impact on you in the here and now, if we don't go to the source of the pain we cannot shift it's impact on the present. Your life has been shaped by those who went before you. 

I also hold an experiential component, I will ask you to step into your feelings, to heal it you must feel it, as much as there is discomfort, there also is the most growth in being able to allow yourself to go into the feelings, allowing them to be, without having an idea of them being right or wrong but simply with them being an expression of who you are and what you are moving through.

I hold I high regard for life in all it's ways, for me this is a part of my transpersonal context, believing in something greater then myself and my day to day goings on, for me spirit is the inter connection that runs through us all, the life we all are given and the depths it holds.

As humans our ability to do great harm and great love, are simply divided by experience and choice, I believe in the person in front of me as being a person full of choices and decisions each one to frame his next level of life and his next journey.

For myself god is connection of ourselves to life, that is also spirit and the divine.

About Me

Who am I and how can I support you? When I started my practice I started to see that every which way I turned I was running into the death of my father; he died in 2008 by suicide. I have spent many years learning how to best be with my feelings around his death; I wish someone had told me then, what I know now. In order to move through it, I had to allow myself to be with it.

Our ability to be with death in society is quite limited, there is a lack of understanding and a unwillingness to look at those feelings. I started this journey to find a way to move through my pain and  10 years later it has become a counseling practice.

We will have to walk up to the death of someone and also the death of ourselves, our whole life we are moving towards it…

There is an avoidance to it, as if in not facing it, somehow it cannot come to pass…

The gift in facing it at a younger age is that it makes you aware of how gifted we are with the time we have…

In helping ourselves we help others, in helping others we help ourselves… We are as much a mirror of those we loved as we are a glass of our own…

Maja Futrell-Frühling, BCST,RTC,

 Maja Is a registered Therapeutic Counselor (RTC #2311) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT)

 She has worked with children, volunteered with the Urban Native Youth Association and the BC Bereavement helpline where she has been a board member for over 5 years. 

She has experience with bereavement, suicide loss,  and suicide prevention, she completed the Assist training with the Vancouver Crisis Center, a homicide loss facilitator training with the BC Bereavement helpline and she has continued on to co- facilitate groups with both organizations for supporting suicide bereaved 

She has a diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and one in Transpersonal Therapeutic counselling.

She is an instructor with Clearmind International institute.

She grew up in Vancouver with her 5 siblings in an atmosphere where creativity and self expression where highly valued. She has a background in Theater, film, Art and has worked many years in the hospitality field.

Maja also studied, preperinatal psychology, angel therapy and Soul mind body medicine.

She earned her international BCST certification with Bhadrena Tschmi Gemin and Kavi Gemin in 2011  and has done three graduate courses one with focus on working with the connection of the heart, one with Charles Ridley continuing to expend on the cranioal field and finally one with Jaap van der Wal on working with the embryo in us.

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